Sometimes You Get What You Pay For with Online Surveys

August 13, 2014, by Jennifer Shockley in News, Polling & Analysis News

Sometimes You Get What You Pay For with Online SurveysSometimes you get what you pay for. While there are several software products on the market that allow users to produce online surveys, many times it’s better to hire a professional. So why should you choose Keystone Analytics® for your next survey?

Here are just a few reasons:

  • Save time and resources. While online software products provide templates and basic assistance in creating a questionnaire, you still have to do all the work, from writing questions to adding branding and tabulating the results. For an individual who is inexperienced in this arena, this can be a time intensive and exhaustive process. Keystone Analytics® offers a cost-effective and timely alternative. Our professional staff – with over five decades of experience in creating surveys – will write clear and concise questions, program the questionnaire online, send the survey to your target audience, and tabulate the results. Our process is quick, easy and efficient and allows you to focus on the important things, like running your company.
  • Professional analysis. How does the answer to question five relate to the results of question nine? Did women respond more favorably than men to question eight? Stop digging through pages of results, and let Keystone do it for you. We present our survey analysis in a clear and comprehensive manner, including an executive summary with relevant findings and accompanying charts and graphs. A professional analysis of survey results also yields additional analysis, such as a breakdown of data by multiple variables like age, income level, or geographic location as well as voting and census data. Our analysis is presentation-ready and appropriate for your next board meeting or strategic planning session.
  • Create action plan based on results. An online software program will provide you answers to questions, but where do you go from there? The true value of Keystone’s services is experienced through its comprehensive and broad scope of offerings. Rather than paying several different companies to create and manage diverse components, i.e., polling, analysis, consulting, direct mail and websites, our clients benefit from the economic advantages of shared services. This in-house, full-service approach allows Keystone to keep fees at competitively priced levels, and improves the quality of our work.

A well-designed survey and its results can help your company run more effectively. Contact Keystone Analytics® and let us help you today.