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Since its formation, Keystone has conducted more than 75 surveys and talked to over 30,000 individuals about issues affecting Pennsylvanians such as property taxes, assessment reform, foreclosures, and elections.

How objective and accurate can we be?
Keystone’s data mine technology, a robust and ever-evolving scientific collection of publicly available records, houses information drawn from voter files, demographic and census data, and a variety of available data.

Based on this data, and then combined with survey research, in-depth analysis and our seasoned experience, Keystone can successfully identify and predict voter patterns, consumer behaviors, economic indicators, purchasing preferences, competitive positions and customer demographics. The results are then translated into reports, presentations, direct mail and even websites that can be customized to suit the specific needs of your organization.

Keystone utilizes several different polling techniques:

Telephone Surveys

Cost-efficient method of capturing data. Surveys are administered via live telephone interview on multiple nights with callbacks. Survey results are then weighted to adjust for non-response based on age, political party, vote history, geography, and gender.

Online or Web-based Surveys

Powerful tool in data collection to gather consumer research quickly, accurately and cost effectively. Surveys are administered via a personalized survey link sent directly to the participant.

Focus Group Research

Designed specifically to gather qualitative data. Focus groups are conducted by a trained moderator among a small group of respondents. Questions are asked in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with each other.

What’s on your horizon?  Keystone’s services can help:

• Identify attrition and retention causes/factors for membership-based groups.
• Develop customer and employee satisfaction surveys.
• Conduct studies on foreclosures, buyer’s behavior patterns, and mortgage experiences.
• Gather real time data to support efforts on state and local legislative initiatives.

LIZ HERSH - Executive Director, Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania

“Keystone’s mapping technologies and data summaries convinced Pennsylvania legislators that we needed to increase housing opportunities for our state’s most vulnerable people. Keystone Analytics® helped us connect the dots that led to the enactment of the PA Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Act of 2010.” Read more.