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Keystone has a strong and reputable background in developing advocacy campaigns that proactively address public policy issues on your behalf. Our keen insights, extensive multi-media campaign experience, and access to a data rich repository will create a culture of engagement that focuses interests and spurs support of your high-priority challenge.

With an advanced modeling system in place, Keystone is able to selectively target potential audiences and citizen activists—those most likely to turn decisions in favor of your objective—to determine where decision makers stand on an issue and then frame appropriate messaging that will lead them to act, alter a behavior, or change perceptions on a matter. Our speed to market approach includes researching the issue, providing an insightful analysis, executing an action plan, and then wrapping up with an evaluation of the entire endeavor.

These grassroots efforts have triggered key voter turnout on critical elections, stimulated community dialogue, defeated proposals that would have placed undue financial hardship on homeowners, elected candidates in highly competitive races, and more.


Keystone Analytics® is in your corner.

Most prevalent factors contributing to Pennsylvania foreclosures:



Recent job loss.



Unexpected medical bills.



Significant changes in personal relationships.



Other additions to households.

KATHLEEN S. LUDWIG - Executive VP, Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors® (GHAR)

“The Greater Harrisburg Association of Realtors® (GHAR) has been fortunate to work with Keystone Analytics® on several projects, including a membership survey which produced results that we were able to translate into additional programs for our members. Keystone Analytics® was easy to work with, from developing the survey questions to receiving the results. I highly recommend Keystone Analytics®.” Read more.